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Movie Review: Miruthan – Zombies ate this one’s brains

Miruthan – The first zombie movie in the history of tamil cinema. Although, maybe not, since nearly every other movie has an undead hero who can get up after getting shot, run over, knifed and smashed on the head with … Continue reading

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Corporate Series: The Three tricks to a satisfying work week – #3 Right Place Right Time Right Do

This one’s sort of a no-brainer isn’t it? You have to be at the right place at the right time. The universe works that way – be prepared for the opportunity when it jumps out from behind a door.What a … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality, Airtel Zero and the Drama of cyber-activism

Alright. Before you guys jump ship and start hating me, let me make one thing clear. I SUPPORT NET NEUTRALITY. Or. Most of it. I believe all content is equal and that if I have an internet connection at 8Mbps … Continue reading

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” hello baby” Muaah Muaah “Have you lost weight?”

   Considering this is my first post after joining MDI , I probably shouldn’t write about the Godrej Loud Session. I should have started with the academics and the activities and the perennial lack of sleep. I should have started … Continue reading

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The Hardest Part

The bags are packed. Everything I would need stuffed into two medium sized travel bags. Tomorrow, as I board my flight, I will be leaving behind a relationship built up over 21 years. I will be leaving home. 4 years … Continue reading

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The Exam Room

Friday, 30-11-2012 9:30 am  I received my Nanoscience and Technology question paper. 9:35 am I realize I only know 4 of the 10 two-mark questions. I decide I can attempt all 10 anyway. I have been in this college for … Continue reading

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Back in 2003 , When Erica Albright must have dumped Mark Zuckerburg she wouldn’t have figured she was toppling a historic domino effect. So, anyway she got called a bitch online. Zucky made Facebook. Zucky got famous. He got a billion. And … Continue reading

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