Movie Review: Miruthan – Zombies ate this one’s brains

Miruthan – The first zombie movie in the history of tamil cinema.

Although, maybe not, since nearly every other movie has an undead hero who can get up after getting shot, run over, knifed and smashed on the head with an iron rod. He can even fight with the villain after than and defeat him, proving that he is in fact a zombie with superior strength and no sense of pain anymore.

Anywho, I was naturally excited since it was a first of a kind movie. And also expectations from Jayam Ravi post Thani Oruvan has been high. Maybe because I did not see Bhoologam.


Let me start with the positives. The title track “Mirudha Mirudha” is a lilting melody with mesmerising lyrics by Karky.  And the attempt at visualising this song is new and quite refreshing. Kaali Venkat and R.N.R. Manohar play their parts with a natural comic tone and the scenes with the two of them are actually laugh-worthy.

Now to move on to negatives. The music. The loud, glaring music. The BGM, re-recording, SFX is almost distracting in most parts of the movie. Veri Veri Veri is so loud and annoying I could not even make out Karky’s lyrics. Post the movie, I found out that D.Imman  was the music director. I was more surprised with the title track coming out well than with the rest of the music turning out bad.

The Major negative with the movie is the logical flow. The movie starts out well, spending a good ten minutes establishing what zombies are, how they die and how long they take to transform and how you need to shoot them in the head. And then all of this is promptly thrown away as Jayam Ravi goes on a rampage, randomly shooting, mauling, and even punching his ways through zombies. There is also a huge amount of glaring mismatches in how long someone takes to become a zombie through out the movie. But of course, the biggest logical flaw and the most scariest movement in the entire film is the last scene.

The other big flaw in the movie is the physics. Even if those zombies were allergic to water and moved away from it, it is not going to send them flying. Neither is a gun shot. My guess is the director discovered just before the movie shoot that u can remove stunt harness lines in post production. New trick. Had to show it off. Thrice. In each frame.

Lakshmi Menon is painful to watch and hear. The placement of songs is also painful.

What could have been brilliant, has been destroyed by the lack of attention to detail. Maybe the Zombies ate this one’s brains.

Story, Screenplay, Direction – 6 / 10

Music – 5 / 10

Acting – 5 / 10

Overall – 5.3 / 10

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