Corporate Series: The Three tricks to a satisfying work week – #3 Right Place Right Time Right Do

This one’s sort of a no-brainer isn’t it? You have to be at the right place at the right time. The universe works that way – be prepared for the opportunity when it jumps out from behind a door.What a load of BS. It’s a little, ok a lot, different at the office.

First of all – there are no opportunities knocking. You go knock and scheme and pull people down until you get that promotion. Cersei Lannister understood it well. or was it little finger? One of them.


What happens when you die? Well, you don’t get fired. That would be too merciful. But………Aren’t we all doing work which will change the world? Why would anyone spend so much money and time and effort on a project if they don’t care about whether it’s succesful or not? I have no idea either. Apparently Not everything you do has to matter, Not everything you do has to have a purpose. Even in the business world.

Time for a pop quiz. What do you think gets you an interesting project which would also mean something to the organisation and would see the light of day eventually?

A. Talent

B. Achievements

C. Innovative Ideas

Well, if you actually picked an answer, instead of rolling your eyes when you read the options, you are either extremely lucky, or extremely dumb. Or you could still be in college.

Here’s the deal. The office is not a perfect market. What does that mean? Information is not easily accessible to everyone – in other words, the people who make decisions will never realise you actually worked on a good project. Unless you tell them.

So that is where being at the right place at the right time and doing the right thing becomes imperative.

Lets suppose your boss smokes. And his boss smokes as well. And you smoke as well. Is that a positive or a negative. Well, it depends (See what I did there? This is what you learn in a B-school.)

If your boss and his boss are discussing last month’s sales figures and glance out of the window to see you smoking – YOU ARE SLACKING. Even if it was only once a day. Talk about deprival super-reaction.

If your boss and his boss see you smoking, standing next to them while they are smoking, – YOU ARE NETWORKING. Even if that happens 5 times a day.

Same goes for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, leaving work at the end of the day, chatting with that cute new intern, and so on. Bonus points if you are able to sneak in information on what projects you worked without actually boring them about those projects.

Ok, so my boss knows me. His boss knows me. I haven’t really done any good projects yet.

Well, thats not an issue. Remember the office is not a perfect market.

Imagine what will happen the next time the top brass are discussing a new project and want to staff it. You boss will be there. His boss. And his boss. Now all three would want to impress each other with their knowledge of the team and how well they have bonded with them. Why? Because the big boss expects it of you boss’ boss. And your boss wants to be his boss. So it would begin with  your boss suggesting names, brandishing HR jargon. Now his boss would not want to be left out. And guess whose name he remembers because he had a smoke with them yesterday.

“Sometimes it’s all about how you get there”

So what do you think got you that project?

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Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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1 Response to Corporate Series: The Three tricks to a satisfying work week – #3 Right Place Right Time Right Do

  1. Suriya says:

    Reminds me of that episode of friends where Rachel goes out to smoke with her boss. Good for you!

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