Siang chai dai, Google translate tells me, means the mind voice. In Lao.

“Why in Lao?” you ask. I truly do not know.

But as the translation points out, This blog page is pretty much mostly my mind voice, Which I should let you know is sarcastic , bored, attempted comedy, and rude.

‘Thewhiterabbit’ was chosen as the blog title in a matrix infused, sleep deprived, too much coffee state. Kindly bear with it. Most of my posts are gonna be made in that state too. SO you can’t say I did not warn you.

Do read. A few good moments areĀ guaranteed. I promise.

Disclaimer : The above posts do not have any legal validity and if you do not come across even one funny line or thoughful sentence , you are NOT allowed to swear and pelt virtual rotten tomatoes at me.

So what do you think?

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