Hello. My name is Karthic. Come on. I’ll Show you my room.


 What? You can’t see anything? Neither can I.

 Welcome to Chennai. And Power-cuts.

The power-cuts became a daily occurrence around the time I entered second year I think. And after 2 years, after a new government, many protests at nuclear plants, promises of wind power, of solar power, One world cup in Cricket, Commonwealth games, CWG scam, 2G and 3G and their respective scams, two new shining smart card enabled (?) toilets and 1 very awesome blog post we still do not have enough energy.

If anything, we are worse off. Amma officially reduced the power cuts to one hour. But then, you can’t ignore the laws of physics can you?


Danush in padikathavan: Varatha padippa va va nu sonna epdi varum??

Amma in TN: Illatha current ah tha tha na epdi thara mudiyum??

And so we still have power-cuts. Before, me and my friends used to decide where to hangout based on what we wanted to do. But now…..         


I think this is how the government is trying to control what we do. Offensive TV show on air? Power cut. Protest meet at Bessie? Power cut. Muahahaha. The perfect foil for a totalitarian regime.


But what irks me most is not the power-cuts, its how the government is handling it. Electricity, one of the most of basic needs for a state to grow industrially and economically, is completely uncared for. And instead, lies and political statements are made to cover it up. The recent announcement of reduction in power-cuts to one hour a day was followed the very next day by 4 hour-long power-cuts. And that is in the capital. It’s in a more despicable situation in the rest of the state.


And yes, I do know kudankulam is being built. The reactors will come into operation. But will that be enough? My guess is no. Taking into account, the enormous number of development projects under progress all over the city, the power consumption will only grow, exponentially. And now I hear they are clearing lands in a forest somewhere for a large-scale solar power plant. I find the idea funny. Just like how they made the education system a joke. To make people employable, they needed degrees. So they built colleges all over the place. So now, what about the unemployed educated? Just help IT grow, keep everyone happy. All engineers are IT field nowadays anyway.


Random image. 😛

I am truly confounded by one fact. Chennai is blazing hot and bright as natural sunlight could allow it to be. Would you get a better place to harvest solar energy?? When Chennai had water shortage, They arrived at the surprisingly brilliant plan of rainwater harvesting.      

Image Image

SO why not make solar energy harvesting mandatory? A few square feet of solar panels on top of each house?  Considering the number of DTH dishes making rooftops ugly these days, A few solar panels shouldn’t matter. Maybe we could start with the malls…. EA has a ginormous roof area. Am not sure what they use it for, but solar panels would surely take a big load of the grid.


This might not be the best solution. But for a state which has a dozen top ranked engineering colleges like NIT and a city which has IIT and ANNA UNIVERSITY innovative solutions shouldn’t be a problem, should it?


About TheKarthic

Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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6 Responses to ElectriCity.

  1. Suriyasri says:

    Awesome one karthic! i like the opening 🙂 🙂 keep going!!

  2. magic mint says:

    I can’t imagine my power being cut… that would be cutting me off from the world.

  3. Bharath says:

    Good article da..and great conspiracy theories too! However rainwater harvesting is a lot cheaper than solar panels I think. corporate buildings and multiplexes can install but not the average middle class citizen. They at least need a hand up by the government.

    • karthic25 says:

      Quite obviously. It has to be subsidized by the government in some manner. If the government would put it all over a forest, It can put it all over chennai instead. Lots of space on rooftops.

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