The US Return.

If you are in India you would know there are two types of boys in India. Ones who manage to go to the US and the ones who don’t. If you belong to the former, GRIN. Like the joker. Because You shall be coveted and cajoled and celebrated and shown off. If you are not, don’t worry; you can still smile. As long as you have a hig paying jjob and a head full of hair ( The latter is very important for ponnu paakum purposes I hear ). It’s not this that makes me write this post. No, You can be in America or India. You have a job , You get to be happy. A lot more if you are in America. A lot less if you are in India. But that is trivial, that is not worthy of a blog. But this is. Being a brother is. More specifically, a younger brother.  To a “states pona” brother.

Indian genetics:

                   Believe me ,  Indians knew about genes and stuff way before mendel ever played around with his beans. I mean, how else would you explain parents insisting that the second son be as good as his brother at everything his brother was exemplary at? They knew………….  They insist they gave me the same set of genes , so I should be incredibly good at math too.  Me being two inches shorter  though is my own mistake. I don’t get enough exercise they say.

And if your brother , goes to America and you don’t get good grades, you are screwed.

Dad : What grades are these? Want to grow cows? Buffaloes? Even that you can’t do these days without good grades…

Mom: Why? What’s wrong? We gave you everything we gave your brother! Look at him…. He is in america now!!! And you….?? ( my mom watches way too many tamil dramas I tell you )

Me :  


 But that is all me , I should study better I do agree. But…….


          This is what you get from your bother when the above scene happens while skyping…. And trust me… IT WILL HAPPEN.  Remember the stories of rishis gaining enormous knowledge when they go sit in the himlayas and don’t open their eyes even when gorgeous menakais dance around them? Apparently the same thing happens when your brother goes to the US and remains “good”.  My grades, cars, Obama’s campaign , volcanoes in Europe, why vidya balan is fat and still decides to torture us with item numbers, How to solve the economic meltdown.  Anything.

Enna sonnalum ooru nambidum…… epdithan seiraangalo….

And the irony? You only should show your parents how to skype.


But all things considered, a Brother in the states is pretty cool.. I mean he gets you kindles and all…. I had to say he is cool….  And of course …. Sometimes he would support you in skype….. Rare…. But its still good..

So… states pona brother…..

About TheKarthic

Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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19 Responses to The US Return.

  1. Pradep says:

    Nice post. By the way I am your States Pona Brother’s friend who is also in the states. But out of the whole thing what i liked is the fact that you are getting more comments than what your brother gets in his blog 🙂 Thats one thing on your side of the list la 🙂 ANd i think you lost your chances of getting an Xbox with this line . “As long as you have a hig paying jjob and a head full of hair” . Enna vijay ?

    • vijay03 says:

      Dei worstu fellow, engayum vanthutiya enna kalaika 😀 But yeah, very popular blog 😀

    • karthic25 says:

      😀 more comments?? I only seem to get it when i mock my bro… And xbox i lost the chance long back !! I was hoping he would go to a job and then i could pester him for one but he just keeps on studying and studying !!!

  2. Bharath says:

    Lol awesome blog! But that is not the right way to get an Xbox! You gotta say it gives awesome video output and something vague like that..! Like our class poona 😉

  3. bhavanas11 says:

    hahahaha–well written and dot on!!! so true!!!!!!

  4. alka says:

    enjoyed the post and the choice of pics, wow !

  5. vijay03 says:

    Ada paavi. Ithellam rhomba over! Nalla vela I got the kindle.

    @Other people reading this blog: Na Xbox vaangaren nu sonna pothu, evan thaan venam nu sonnan!

  6. magicmint says:

    Awesome comic and other pictures. They all made me giggle…

  7. siva says:

    good…. interested in seeing your bro’s comment 🙂

  8. cuno says:

    finally, someone who can actually blog.
    respect .
    its hilarious, suave…its perfect.
    you’hv officially gained the right to blog bro! :p

  9. Kavita Yadav says:

    LOL ! 😀 😀 So you are getting Xbox :/ :(??

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