Back in 2003 , When Erica Albright must have dumped Mark Zuckerburg she wouldn’t have figured she was toppling a historic domino effect. So, anyway she got called a bitch online. Zucky made Facebook. Zucky got famous. He got a billion. And Erica probably felt like an enormously dumb person.

 And now, 8 years later, Thanks to Zucky, We have a public forum where we declare  all girls who reject us as bitches, Rant about super boring classes , Bitch about the professor who screwed your grades and what not in front of 900 million people. And then strangely, right after we update our status about our hugely embarrassing drunk exploits last Friday, We go protest again anti-privacy laws. Saving that for a later post though.

 Facebook provides a place for social connection via the sharing of photos, videos and text updates. Users create personal profiles and establish relationships with other people and companies. Of course, That’s all bullshit.

Here’s what we actually do on facebook:

The guys

1.Send friend requests to random girls with hot profile pictures.

2. Ogle at  hot pictures of that sexy girl who you bumped into once in school and then promptly friended on facebook and who you are hoping would one day actually reply to your messages.

3. Hope that you’ll find the love of your life on facebook.

Come on guys. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The friend requests never work. You put up a witty, creative profile and send requests and get ignored. Some guy puts up his new R15 as his cover picture and suddenly he gets 43 accepts. Universal truth, brothers.

And that sexy girl , whose pictures you are ogling at, She puts up pictures because she has a life. About time we stopped ogling and start living don’t you think? I mean, Facebook la laam sight adikarathu. Enna koduma saravana ithu?

You are insulting all the heroines who have videos of item numbers in youtube, I tell you.

 And true love. If you figure that one out, Email me. Right now.

And now the girls

Come on, don’t start getting shocked already. We all know the only connections you make on facebook are the ones that pay for your cappuccinos and smoothies.

  1. Trying to figure out which of those guys who sent you requests would fit the aforementioned critieria.
  2.  Posting pictures of yourself. Getting all your girlfriends to comment with little hearts. Then replying in comments with little hearts. And then going thanks to each and everyone. Intha polappuku….

                 And of course , the likes. If we stare at you in class we are creepy, if we comment “hawt” on FB we are sweet?

  1. Chat on each other’s walls. If we listen in on your conversations in class , you fight for four days and yet you plaster your conversations on each others’ walls.  And you go 😀 if someone likes your chat-comment. I mean seriously? Some girls…….

But then, at the end of the day….

About TheKarthic

Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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