” hello baby” Muaah Muaah “Have you lost weight?”

   Considering this is my first post after joining MDI , I probably shouldn’t write about the Godrej Loud Session. I should have started with the academics and the activities and the perennial lack of sleep. I should have started with the assignments, cases, ppts and quizzes, the very many many quizzes. But I dint and now you are gonna think MBA students spend their time saying ridiculous stuff and winning t-shirts for it. Not that its far off from the truth.

Today, 12th August 2013, Parmesh Shahani and Mark Kahn came to MDI to launch Godrej LOUD, the most creative B-school competition I have seen so far. LOUD which expands to Live Out Your Dreams, asks us to tell godrej our dreams, not B-plans, not Innovative Ideas, not Smart analyses, but our dreams. The ones we are most passionate about. And they are ready to pay us for it, A whopping INR 1.5 lakh so that we can live out our dreams! We screamed, sang, clapped, laughed, screened videos and in short had a very good time. But that wasn’t the most awesome part of the evening at all.

It was Parmesh and Mark. What they spoke, to be more specific.

Parmesh is a crazy person. He has written a book called Gay Bombay, Has edited for verve, loves Poonam Pandey and Rakhi sawant, Has done his masters in MIT ( the MIT in USA as he had to point out), was one of the first few to get onto the internet, is a shameless pimp by his own admission, and a visionary of sorts. He must have talked for about 45 minutes or more and the whole time he had us in splits.


What exactly did he talk about? Thinking back, he mostly talked about himself ( Talk about being narcissistic) and about a fetish for hats and cross-dressing. He ridiculed Mark. He ridiculed us. He poked fun at just about everything in Gurgaon and MDI. And then he talked about his ideas and about Godrej Culture lab. And that was brilliant. The Indian version of TED, every week at Mumbai. And I was amazed I hadn’t heard about this before. This was genius!! So the Culture lab is basically an open session every Friday or Saturday were people gather and discuss, like most people here do at pubs on Fridays. Except instead of bakwaas and bakchoddi, there is ideas and innovation. An excellent Idea, I suggest everyone check it out. And then of course he gave us advice – which is the title of the post and also his recipe for success. In the fashion industry, not in the corporate world, It would probably get you on a harassment case.

And then came Mark Kahn. Kahn, not Khan. And he is a Venture Capitalist. His dad is a German, his mother is an Israeli, his wife Bengali and he calls India home.


After completely running down every possible career choice we can make in the next two years, after categorically assuring us we will be miserable at our jobs, after pointing out that we have been torturing ourselves for the entirety of our lives, He tells us go do those jobs because they pay well,  and a creative job pays shit.

Follow your hobbies, keep your friends close and be happy. Give. And Enjoy life. And work hard. And find something you wouldn’t be against doing. Like Finance. Never go into Finance. Ever.

So, after about two hours of Aunty-theses, Orange aunty, Life philosophy from Rakhi Sawant, Insects and flowers and cross pollination and feeling like an insect and a whole lot of dirty jokes later, HR came in. As expected, End of fun.


About TheKarthic

Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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4 Responses to ” hello baby” Muaah Muaah “Have you lost weight?”

  1. Ak Divakar says:

    LOYD = LIve out Your dream 🙂 🙂

  2. vijay03 says:

    Gurgaon la itha thaan panitu irukiya! And here we thought orae exams, day and night padikaran nu 😀

    Good to see that you are having fun!

  3. vijay03 says:

    Etha thaan nee gurgaon la panitu irukiya! Good to see you are having fun 🙂

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