Corporate Series: The Three Tricks To a satisfying Work-Week – #1 T.A.L.K

Now that I actually managed to get a job and am part of the corporate machinery, its only natural that i poke fun at what I am part of and also show-off with a bit of unsolicited advice for all the aspiring guys slogging it out at B-schools right now.

Getting into a new job will probably be the hardest part of your life – even worse than your b-school days. Not only will you have to work your backend off on days you are overburdened with work , you will also have to pretend to be working on days you have absolutely nothing to do. and TRUST ME, the latter is much more difficult.

And so, If you want a good and satisfying week at work, while still having time for life outside of work, there are three skills you will need to master. Unless you would rather be like……

Clearly, it takes a little bit of tact. And a bit of thick skin. Your week at office is not going to be anywhere near satisfying if you walk into cold stares everyday from everyone on your team; however, it is not going to be any better if you were the brave scapegoat who rubbed your boss the wrong way. There is a fine line to walk here.

Like so:

Boss: Should we order cakes or cream buns?

You: Hmmm. cakes are costlier than cream buns. considering the number of people we will be inviting and our budget it is suitable to order cream buns.

Boss: I have an idea – lets think of flavours!

You: but that doesn’t so…

Teammate 1(TM1): Thats brilliant! i think we should go with chocolate. everybody likes chocolate!

TM2: hmmmm. chocolate is too common. we don’t want anyone to think we are not creative.

You: but chocolate what? cakes or ….

TM1: good question. But aren’t flavours more important? We really want to think on a larger scale beyond items!

Boss: That’s right. We can really make a statement with flavours. I am personally biased towards raspberry.

TM1: raspberry is excellent. But maybe we should add a hint of chocolate in it. to be safe.

TM4: raspberry will provide a fresh take on meeting snacks as well. people will be motivated to provide creative ideas.

You: what..? how…?

Boss: Okay lets look at the costing for raspberry.

Silence….. Boss looks at you: well…. any ideas?

You: raspberry cakes? or raspberry flavoured cream buns?

TM3: I think we should go for cakes – buns don’t bring out the ingenuity.

TM2: i agree. let me bring up a costing….

Boss: Hmm…. that looks a little beyond budget….. What about cream buns.

TM1: Hmmm…. looking at these numbers i think we will have to go for vanilla cream buns only.

Boss: yes. Ideas are useless if not feasible. Maybe we can add in a raspberry lollipop.

Team: Of course. Feasibility is of paramount importance. In the end, implementation decides outcomes.

TM3: looking at the numbers we won’t be able to afford lollipops either.

TM1: maybe we can put up a poster of a raspberry cake above the place where we will serve the cream buns.

You: huh…?

We all know who got the best appraisal this year. Raspberry posters!

Who gets the best ratings at your office?

About TheKarthic

Job: Something in management. Not exactly sure why they pay me. Where: Mumbai. mostly in traffic tho. Interests: Music, movies and books. will be reviewing all three in highly eccentric spurts.
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